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Mar 24

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19 Cool Textures from Google Maps

A few days ago, I was scrolling around the country through Satellite view on Google Maps when I stumbled across a very large pixelated area in Southwestern Kansas. Curious, I investigated further to discover a massive expanse of perfectly gridded farmland composed almost entirely of circles and squares. I grabbed a few screenshots and decided to see what other amazing topographic textures I could find.

Be advised: These images are fairly large, so the next few pages may be slow loaders. Enjoy!

Southwestern Kansas / Southeastern Colorado

Southwestern Kansas and Southeastern Colorado
Map it!

Southwestern Kansas and Southeastern Colorado
Map it!

Eastern Iowa

Eastern Iowa
Map it!

Huron, California

Huron, California
Map it!

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15 comments so far on this post:

  1. Aaron Irizarry |

    That southwest Kansas, and southeast Colorado is pretty awesome. I like all the circles.
    Great find!

    Aaron I

  2. Tim Schmidt |

    Awesome finds dude! \m/

  3. Cristhian Bedon |

    This is a great find!

  4. Leonie Wharton |

    I love the one with all the circles presumably caused by the way farmers cut crops

  5. Dan Tagg |

    Here’s a bit of Alberta that I fly over from London to LA,

  6. David Link |


    Sweet! Thanks, man. :)

  7. Dan Tagg |
  8. Logo Design Guru |

    That’s pretty funny! I never thought that the distortion of google while it renders would create such cool textures. Great idea. I really do think that beauty and creativity is everywhere, it’s just a matter of finding it. Sometimes we don’t see it when it’s right in front of our noses.

  9. uber |

    How do you capture the images in such high quality jpg files? I have some areas i’ve found in google maps that I would love to turn into desktop wallpaper!

    thanks for the great pics!

  10. David Link |


    I have a large screen resolution. So I just expand the satellite pane as large as possible. But if you’d like to create even larger images, you can simply pan around in Google Maps and capture multiple screenshots. Then just pull them into Photoshop (or similar) and stitch ‘em together! Thanks for the comment. :)

  11. Chase "The" Swindler |

    It’s amazing that our planet can look pixelated simply because of farmers. Maybe we should hire a bunch of farmers as web designers to see how they are at it. Could produce interesting results.

  12. Marc |

    I’ve often marveled at this when flying cross-country, and watching the landscape slide by. Obviously the midwest either uses too much JPeG compression on their crops, or doesn’t grow them at a high enough resolution. We Northeasterners use much higher ppi (people per inch) settings in our urban sprawls.

  13. Craig Stanton |
  14. Erin |

    The circles are from irrigation….there is a center point and a long arm-raduis on wheels. The arm has the spray nozzles and it progresses around to water all of the crops, hence circular crops.

  15. Logo Design |

    awesome design. there’s so much greenery. the patterns look great

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