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Apr 20

Filed Away: Giveaway

Tweetie for Mac Giveaway

Many of us have been raving about the super-efficient Tweetie for iPhone. And today, for us Mac users, our prayers have finally been answered: Tweetie for Mac is here!

Tweetie has a beautifully smooth interface overlaid on some really great features. Features like the inline conversations view to show the full conversational history leading up to a particular tweet allow you to never lose track of your conversations. Compose tweets how you want with independent composition windows. They stay out of your way until you need them, and you can even have multiple tweet compositions open at a time.

It has some other cool features too:

  • Search Trends
  • Threaded DMs
  • User Details
  • Follow/Unfollow
  • Tear-away Search
  • Link-sharing Bookmarklet
  • Customizable Preferences

Tweetie is free to download and try for as long as you want. While it’s still full-featured, it does have some ads. But today could be your lucky day because I’m giving away a fully-registered copy of Tweetie for Mac ($19.95).

How to win

There’s only a few things you have to do to win:

  1. Follow me on Twitter
  2. Subscribe to The Upsider RSS feed
  3. Leave a comment on this article that contains your Twitter name

And that’s it! A winner will be chosen on Friday, April 24th.
Update: A winner has been chosen at random. Congratulations to Mindy Reznik!

I’d like to personally thank Loren Brichter from atebits for all his hard work. If you would like to give the free version a spin, download it here.

Tweetie for Mac

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47 comments so far on this post:

  1. JohnONolan |

    Yes please, I’d absolutely love a free copy! Seems like a great app and it’d be awesome to use it without advertising!


  2. sashasi |

    Tw: sashasi

  3. Aaron Irizarry |

    if it’s free… then it’s for me


  4. kyle steed |

    Dude I would love to get my hands on the fully-registered version of this little beauty.


  5. Dan McCullough |

    Heck yeah! A great app for free! I’ll take one! :)

  6. alex hendershott |

    Paid version might sway me from Nambu. Also, I’m your 1,000th follower. :D


  7. Tom Glenn |

    Awesome, definitely taking part in this! Follow #1002 :)


  8. Tim Reynolds |

    Tweetie looks great would love a free paid version.

  9. Tom Sinclair |


    lovely app so far!

  10. Tim Reynolds |

    Tweetie looks great would love a free paid version.


  11. Charlie Hothersall |

    Would love to win this :)


  12. Narshada |

    Tweetie looks sweetie!

  13. Narshada |

    And this time I’ll include my twitter username: @Narshada. #facepalm.

  14. Braden Douglass |

    Just downloaded the free version and would love an upgrade. Thanks David, and amazing blog btw

  15. Amy Stewart |

    Looks like a great app with a lot of potential! @astewart

  16. Rahul |

    Yo! Added on twitter, I’m @moonkeh
    Subscribed to your feed too.

  17. Andrew Cohen |

    @andrew_cohen I’ve been subscribing to your feed forever, so i should win duh.

  18. Tom |

    Hey! Sweet app to bad I really need a mac to use it :/ Thats why I should win! :D haha Anyway, my twitter name is @TheCollegeDude. Thanks for posting such a cool contest!

  19. Lasha |

    Sweet dude! I’m am following you on Twitter and I am subscribed.
    Twitter is @LashaKrikheli

  20. Holly |

    Thanks for offering such a nice giveaway! I started following you last week, so does that give me an advantage? Only joking!


  21. waynehastings |

    Tweetie looks interesting — would love to give it a spin.


  22. Logan Leger |

    Followed + Subscribed long, long ago my friend.


  23. Tom Milewski |

    Thanks for the offer!


  24. Ashton Melancon |

    David, two words: Bacon. Tweetie. these are related in ways you can’t imagine. or maybe you can. think about it and get back to me. also, please give unto me a free full version of tweetie. i’ve never won anything except for a coupon for 50 cents at the dollar store.


  25. Ty |

    Looks like a great app. I’d love to be in on this contest, thanks!


  26. Amanda |

    I’d love a copy of tweetie - tweetdeck is driving me crazy. Thanks for the offer… @nothingisreal09

  27. Nick Wichman |

    I’ve heard only good things about Tweetie so far! I’d be happy to accept and promote a great new app!


  28. Brian J King |

    I’d love to try Tweetie for Mac! I’m subscribed and following you on twitter at both @kiwicomm and @brianjking Also subscribed to RSS feed! Cheers!

  29. Jake Mates |



  30. BusyMom |

    love a fresh new twittering app for my Mac-a-doodle desktop. tweet me:

    - where you’ll get great ideas to womp the munchies…

  31. min. |

    Love Tweetie for Mac already, and it’s only been 24 hours! @dupreeblue

  32. ziyad |

    follow me: @iamziyad

  33. Charlie Davis |


  34. Misty |


  35. Christopher |


    thanks :]

  36. Andy Birdwell |

    Free Tweetie!


  37. David |

    I would love a copy of this

  38. Cody Jensen |

    I’m lovin’ Tweetie!


  39. Jon MacKinnon |

    @jonmack, I downloaded it literally 5 minutes ago and I’m loving it!

  40. Ben Saren |

    It’s free!? Yippee!!

  41. Ben Saren |

    Oops, I forgot to leave my twitter username. it’s @bsaren (http://www.twitter.com/bsaren)


  42. Louie Livon-Bemel |

    I love Tweetie. It’s so much easier to use than TweetDeck.


  43. Zack |

    I’ve been waiting for Tweetie for mac, but the free version contains ads.. I hope I win so I can make it ad-free.. @zapzack

  44. Dnyanesh Mankar |


    Thanks! :)

  45. Jin |
  46. steve |


  47. chad engle |

    been following you for a while. Subscribed and I commented. kaboom.

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